The Iron Moutain Singers -- Madgrigal Songs I've Learned

Most all of these were us just practicing and I happened to record them. You've been forewarned :)

Mon Coeur Se Recommande a Vous

Il Est Bel et Bon

Sweet Kate

Ah Robin

Let All Who Sing Be Merry

Pasttime with Good Company

Rose rose-Anybody Home

Non Nobis Domine

Now Is the Month of Maying

How merrily we live

Hey ho, To the Greenwood

He that will an ale-house kee


Summer is a'coming in

All things shall perish

My Dame Hath a Lame Tame Crane

See also: YouTube link. One video shows our group performance at Magna Faire 2012!

We first performed at KAS 2012 with Now Is The Month of Maying, and Sweet Kate

We next performed at Magna Faire, 2012 with Il Est Bel Et Bon and Mon Coeur Se Recommande a Vous

We have since performed at demos and feasts/events.