SCA Resume

Registered Society Name: Aranwen Ridhelic (registration scroll)

Known in the SCA as: The Honorable Lady Aranwen of Willow Ford, CMC, CGHM, CVO

Device: Per fess Or and azure, three ravens rising contourny sable and a tree blasted and eradicated Or

Kingdom: Meridies

Local Group: The Barony of Iron Mountain

Member of the SCA since: November, 2010

Household: Gryphons Gate

Persona: Welsh, c. 1200

Main study: Herbalism, focus on medicinal

Other areas of interest: Inkle loom weaving, Madrigal singing, Illumination, Thrown weapons/Archery

Member of:

  • Apprentice to Mistress Alianore la Cuisiniere (Dec 8 2011)
  • Chatelaine for local group, Barony of Iron Mountain, from Q4 2011 to Q1 2014
  • Kingdom Chatelaine for the Kingdom of Meridies from Q1 2014, to Q1 2016
  • Herbal Guild Steward as of KAS 2015
  • A&S Officer for local group as of Q3 2016 (July)


  • 7/19/2014: Royal University of Meridies (RUM) Graduate:
    •      Scholars degree
    •      Lectors degree
    •      Magister's degree in Practical Arts - Herbalism