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I am a member of the SCA, or Society for Creative Anachronism. This group is a non-profit organization which focuses on the study and re-creation of the medieval times, up until 1600. We focus on educating other members by teaching classes or sharing what we find to help others learn about the Middle Ages. There are three main branches, which focus on combat, service, and education. The activities and areas of focus are as widely ranging as the members' individual interests. For example, I am interested in herbal studies and gardening, and a little bit of weaving or other textile arts. Some people enjoy metalsmithing, blacksmithing, leather working and tooling, falconry, equestrine activities, sewing, embroidery, cooking, playing music, dancing or performing, and that's just to name a few activities. The combat arts include heavy armored combat, rapier (think fencing), archery (either combat or target), thrown weapons at targets, and even catapults.

But that's enough about me, now how about you? The SCA is interested in educating the general public as well, oftentimes through demonstrations held at public venues or even at schools and scout camps. But events are where we really do the most re-creation. Anyone can come out to an SCA event as long as they have made an attempt at wearing pre-1600's clothing, or "garb" which can be borrowed. Just find your local branch to this "club" by heading over to http://www.sca.org! It's free to do many of the activities in the SCA, although only paid members can do certain things such as wear the King or Queen's crown, hold certain local group offices, win awards, etc. Hook up with your local group and attend one of their meetings (in street clothes!) for free at any time, to get to know folks, what the SCA is all about, and when you can go to an event near you, if you think that any of this sounds like fun! :) And if you ever see a group of folks out on the weekend hitting each other with sticks and looking like medieval knights in the park locally, stop by and say hello... you are sure to have fun just watching and talking to the local members!

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